The Ultimate Guide to Stepping into Control of Your Own Life

Get it Together Forever!

Simple strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety and all that life throws at you

About the Book

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything going on in your life? Do you sometimes act in ways you regret? Do you sometimes let your frustration show and snap at your kids, your partner, or the person serving in the shop? Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Do you let your self-critic stop you from moving forward?

Would you love to feel completely in control of your actions and reactions in any situation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Get it Together Forever is the book for you.

Get it Together Forever outlines a simple and effective process that helps you step away from reactivity and gives you the tools you need to feel in control of your own actions. Learn the strategies that clinical psychologist, Dr Tracey Zielinski, has developed over a career spanning more than 20 years.

This unique and exciting process is easy to follow. It provides a toolkit of common-sense strategies you will find useful to best manage any situation that arises.

Whether you are struggling with life, or simply want to add to your arsenal of existing strategies, this must-read book is for you! Learn to step away from self-sabotage and into the best relationship you have ever had with yourself.

The common-sense strategies contained within can help you:

  • become more resilient
  • feel empowered and in control of your actions in any situation
  • ditch your unwanted habits
  • find contentment within yourself
  • improve your self-esteem
  • build better relationships
  • reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression
  • stand up and be counted.

Are you ready to Get it Together Forever?

Tracey Zielinski

About the Author

Dr Tracey Zielinski is an experienced clinical psychologist who has run her own private practice since 2011. She has worked as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist in both public and private settings for over 20 years. Tracey obtained her PhD in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology from the University of Queensland in 2006.

Over the years, Tracey has developed her own education-based therapeutic process which she says can best be described as common-sense psychology. Through this process, her adult clients have learned to increase their resilience to cope with a range of emotional and personal challenges including stress, anxiety, adjustment disorders, depression, anger management, trauma, and chronic health conditions. The process is generally based on principles of cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness.

With the rise of the COVID-19 global pandemic Tracey started to reflect on the mental health crisis highlighted by the impact of the virus, enforced lockdowns, grief and loss, financial stresses, and the social isolation many people around the world are facing. Mental health professionals are being overwhelmed by the public demand.

The global pandemic has highlighted the need for new and effective ways of helping people back to a sense of security and control in their lives. Recognising the ever-increasing demands we of the human race face living in this complex world, Tracey has chosen to write Get it Together Forever to share the simplicity of her process with a wider audience than she can hope to see for individual therapy. The idea behind the book is not to provide therapy for people with serious mental health concerns, but rather to reach out to those people who are able to independently step into control of their own actions and reactions when given the knowledge and strategies to do so.

Tracey was born and raised in Queensland, Australia, and continues to call Queensland her home. She and her husband are enthusiastic supporters of theatre, music, and the arts. Tracey dabbles in a range of creative activities, playing a little music, making up silly little ditties to encourage her husband in his eye-rolling, acting in community theatre productions, and creating clever little metaphors to add to her therapeutic arsenal. She hopes one day to put her writing skills to a different purpose and write her first novel.

What People are Saying . . .

Tracey is continuing to develop a range of resources to complement Get it Together Forever. If you are interested in accessing free resources and handouts, or would like information about audio recordings, video clips, webinars, or Tracey’s availability to speak at an event, please reach out.